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Don't Break the Piggy Bank!

Ms. Zaccheo's 3rd grade social studies class learned about depositing and withdrawing money from the bank. Their creative teacher added a twist of fun with the "piggy bank" game.
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Thanksgiving Activities

Ms. Sabol's kindergarten class learned about the Thanksgiving holiday. They learned about the Pilgrims' hardships coming to America, and they made real butter by "shake, shake, shaking" their whipping cream in a bottle. They also learned about the Native Americans' lives and then danced to Native American "Pow Wow" music.

They ended their celebration with a pumpkin pie pudding dessert. The children enjoyed their day while dressed like turkeys.
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Lackawanna College Night for Class of 2028 (3rd Grade)

Lackawanna College Night at Kennedy Elementary for 3rd grade students & their parents. There will be an introduction to the college & career readiness standards for our third graders in our school’s gymnasium. Resources & a VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT will be provided to the families of Kennedy Elementary third grade students only.
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Thinking of You

Kennedy elementary students would like to thank the firefighters in Ventura County, California along with all of the volunteers & police officers for their continued efforts to aid the community affected by the wildfires, by sending “Thank you” & “Thinking of you” cards created in Mrs. Wasylyk’s Art classes.
We wanted to extend our deepest sympathies to families affected by the fires & let them know they are not alone & in our thoughts. All cards were mailed to Ventura County Firehouse yesterday!
(Mrs. Robinson’s 3rd grade class)
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WVIA Visit

WVIA visited Kennedy Elementary school! Kindergarten students had a blast while learning throughout the 2 days they spent with at our school. Clubhouse Mom, Debby Konnick, taught a science lesson on animals and their habitats. Children watched a clip from curious George, made their own habitat, and listen to some stories. Each child got their very own special meet & greet with curious George, himself. Pictures of each classroom are on the WVIA website! Children were sent home with a book and school supplies donated by WVIA.
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Thank You Lackawanna College!

Mr. Barrett delivered heart felt "Thank You Cards" to Lackawanna College & their staff. Kennedy Partnered with the college to reach new College & Career Readiness standards. Lackawanna College paid for the software program, Accelerated Reader for the students of Kennedy School!
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Thank You Veterans!

Students at Kennedy Elementary had a Red, White & Blue dress down day in recognition of Veteran’s Day. Each patriotic student donated $1.00 to dress down & we presented a check to the Veteran’s Memorial Committee for nearly $200.00! Those funds help support the construction of the monument at Scranton’s Memorial Stadium for the hundreds of Scrantonian veterans that died for this country & our freedom. Thank you to all Kennedy parents who supported this special occasion.
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Fall Dance = SUCCESS!!

Our PTA hosted their Fall Dance 💃 for students in grades 3, 4 & 5. Students danced the night away while raising a few dollars for this generous organization that helps every child in our school
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